Owner Rental Program

If you own your own RV or would like to purchase one at a discount you may be interested in our Owner Rental Program. Most RV owners are only able to use their RV a few weeks out of the year. The rest of the time they have to worry about storage, winterizing, maintenance, and paying for it. We may be able to help you.

Most of our units rent about 12-15 weeks of the year. This can bring the owner a substantial income to make payments or finance vacations. We split the rent with the owners and also the maintenance costs. We don’t charge for storage in the winter months and make sure the units are well cared for and secure. Owners can use their units any time they want to.

There are many tax benefits to renting your RV. You can deduct insurance, maintenance, interest and depreciation at an accelerated rate. Check with your accountant to see how much you will benefit from renting your RV.

We send detailed statements after each month of rental accounting for each dollar and every mile. We also give detailed information on maintenance so you know your unit is well cared for.

Every rental unit is fully insured before it leaves our lot. Most of the time they are insured by the renter with our unit information on an insurance binder. This gives the renter even more incentive to take good care of the RV. If the renter chooses he can purchase our insurance, Empire Fire and Marine. Bottom line no vehicle leaves our lot without full coverage insurance.

If you are interested in this win/win program please email or call us at 503-641-9140. One of our rental agents will answer all you questions and give you estimates on what your RV might rent for.