Things You Must Know About Camping And RVing In The Pacific Northwest

We came across this article on and had to share it with you all! Most of the native Oregonians will know all of these things by heart, but for our transplants and visitors, it could ensure a wonderful trip (that might have been ruined if you aren’t prepared for Fall in the pacific northwest)!

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Nikki Cleveland

By Nikki ClevelandEtiquetteLivingOregonQuick TipsThinking about a camping trip to Washington or Oregon? Here are some things you’ve got to know! 

If you’re thinking about camping or RVing in the Northwest area of the country, Washington and Oregon are both wonderful places to discover! Nevertheless, before you head on over to this breathtaking region, there are a few things that you may want to keep in mind:

1. You’ll want to bring some rain gear…

It’s true – during certain parts of the year it can rain like crazy. While you might stay dry if you’re in an RV, there are some things in particular that you’ll want to pack in case it gets wet while you’re out camping!

2… and your Camera!

You may already be aware of this, but everywhere in the Northwest is extremely photogenic. Not only will you want to remember to pack your camera, but also to keep it fully charged because the photo opportunities are endless.

3. You’re missing out if you’re not outside enjoying nature!

Sure, staying inside your RV or tent can be cozy at night – but during the day, there is so much natural beauty to see and numerous trails to travel along outside, counting that it’s not raining. Put aside the technology during the daytime (minus your camera) and take full advantage of the outdoor entertainment near your site!

4. The Pacific Northwest = Beer Heaven.

There are some first-class breweries in Oregon and Washington! If you’re a beer drinker and enjoy quality craft brews, then this is your perfect region. You can plan a trip to the numerous brewery spots in either state or just pick up local beers at the store before heading out to your campsite. Either way, beer and camping are pretty much always a great combination. Here are some trip ideas in Oregon to get you started!

Check out the except above – click here to view the full article and more like it.