5 Reasons to Take an RV Trip This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and that calls for celebrations with an RV trip!

Below are five reasons as to why you may want to spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other RVing on the road or camping outdoors. People often go for a candlelight dinner, but RVing offers much better benefits to rekindle the romantic feeling called love.

Private Romance in a Secluded Place

Since you may come across peering crowds in movie theaters or in restaurants, as most of the couples would be doing the same, privacy might just be your cup of tea this February. The privacy of an RV trip is unbeatable even if you choose to spend a Valentine’s week. This is why you should spend timeout with your date on a quiet place with only you two to define the space.

Affordable Way to Celebrate

Sometimes an occasion calls to mind the most important person in your life and that is enough to buy valuable diamonds at a premium price. However, going out on a Recreational Vehicle will provide an affordable alternative to that and keep your lover interested in what you are up to in the RV. To make the getaway into a soothing experience, consider camping out in an RV park to boondocking with your lover and find refreshments along the way.

Cherish Lifetime Memories

Your better half may recall the last time you gift them something any time of the year, but they would surely cherish the time spent over the course of a week starting on February 14. That is why you should explore the camping sites in nature’s lap with scenic views of riversides or the mountains in the backdrop. At times, simple little things like catching sunset together may seem to be an unforgettable experience on an RV trip in the Pacific Northwest.

RVing Offers Places for Relaxation

Irrespective of whether you have stayed in a five-star hotel, it is not as unique as proposing on a hilltop or traveling the road less traveled. Who knows Valentine’s Day might just be the occasion you need to take the big step with your girlfriend. There are best RV parks in the Pacific Northwest that provide picturesque getaways, which might just prove to be unlike anything else you tried in the past to celebrate the day with the valentine.

Celebrate with Spontaneous Romance!

Whether you decide to stay multiple nights at one beautiful location or to travel from the mountains, to the coast you can take spontaneous action in an RV unlike any other mode of travel. Everyone loves to be spontaneous, but it is very difficult to be both practical and spontaneous at the same time. Rv travel offers a bit of both! So give the gift of spontaneity!


Make your loved one feel extra special this valentines day and reserve with us today to ensure availability!