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    Cancellation Policy

    A DOWN PAYMENT is required to GUARANTEE YOUR RESERVATION. RENTAL must be paid IN FULL at time of pick-up. NO REFUND ON DEPOSIT,

    Credit Cards are accepted for final payment.
    Cancellation Policy
    14 days prior to departure – NO REFUND – full credit towards future rental ONLY 13 days or less prior to departure – NO CREDIT, NO REFUND
    Refund of Security Deposit
    The following charges will be deducted from your security deposit: • NO Smoking / Animal stains / Odors – $500 Cleaning Fee will apply • NO FISH in refrigerator/freezer – $500 Cleaning Fee will apply • Grey/Black tanks must RETURN EMPTY – $30 Dumping Fee will apply The above charges, mileage and taxes in excess of that estimated, and the cost of repairs for damages deemed to be the customer’s responsibility, will be charged to the customer. An additional cleaning fee from professional cleaners will be charged for excessive dirtiness. Customer is responsible for any damage done to the rental vehicle. RV Northwest LLC has five (5) days after the vehicle is returned to identify damage that was done by the customer and contact them about paying for damage that was done. All traffic tickets are the customer’s responsibility.
    No Refunds for Early Returns.
    Reserve the Right to Substitute Vehicles if Necessary

    Substitutions are made only when absolutely necessary. Advanced notification is given whenever possible. In the event a vehicle of the same or higher value cannot b e provided and we cannot fulfill your reservation, we will refund all monies received from you to date. If we can meet your needs with a smaller, less expensive model, we will offer that at the current rate for that model.

    Thank you for choosing RV Northwest for your RV rental needs.